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USPA International Security is a privately owned Security Company Specializing in the following:

  • Bodyguards (close protection operators)
  • Armed Security Officers
  • NannyGuards™ (child protection specialists)
  • Security for High Risk Terminations
  • Disaster Response Security Services
  • Anti Kidnapping/Kidnap Recovery

USPA Security Services
Bodyguard Security Services

USPA International offers an array of services quite different from our subsidiary company (USPA Nationwide Security). While our nationwide brand offers more traditional security guard services, USPA International operates globally in the areas of anti-kidnapping, kidnap victim recovery, close protection, secure transport, maritime security, international travel and intelligence services.

At USPA International, we have access to former military special forces personnel and other specialty units from around the world who specialize in the unique services that we offer. Training and real world experience are what set our selected units apart from some firms. 

Our contacts have been built over many years of performing these unique services in some of the most diverse environments in the world today. Our operators attend courses taught by industry leading professionals in public and clandestine settings. 

What sets us apart from other firms, is the length of time that we have been performing these operations and the variety of environments in which we have operated. There are many firms available today with able bodied individuals to operate in the middle east. However, many of those firms have little to no experience in dealing with central and south America or parts of Europe where we routinely operate. 

For services in the U.S., we choose close protection personnel who are trained in the U.S. for U.S. business. While one operator can handle a convoy in Iraq, that same operator will be out of his or her element in an American business environment. We know the difference and we not only make that distinction, we utilize American based training schools with U.S. business in mind for those trainees. Just the same, we will not send an operator with no middle eastern experience to handle an oil field, etc.

USPA International is host to the only association of close protection operators who perform anti-kidnapping and kidnapping recovery services – free of charge (when and where possible) for women and children. This is made possible with our Kingsman. Kingsman are usually contractors who are willing to give their time and risk their lives to protect our most precious species - women and children. At the time of this writing, the Kingsman have been operating for more than 10 years and have protected, recovered or prevented the abduction of hundreds of women and children. Kingsman is funded by Michael Evans, the CEO of the USPA brand with business profits and proceeds from The Real Matrix Book, written by Evans.

We offer discounted rates for female and child victims of violence, Anti-Kidnapping and Kidnapping Recovery. We can usually be on-site with a local trained, experienced and professional bodyguard in 14 countries within 60 minutes. 
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