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USPA International of the Bahamas offers the following security services:
Security Guards, Bodyguards, Secure Transportation Services, Security Officers, Armed, Unarmed Security Officers. USPA International Security of the Bahamas is licensed and Insured to operate in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Located on Melvern Rd, Nassau Bahamas. 
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USPA International Security - Bahamas

Looking for a Security company in the Bahamas? USPA employs over 2,700 localized close protection operators through our Certified Contractor Program™.  Each bodyguard in this program is at the ready, waiting to be deployed. Our bodyguard service specializes in disaster relief, close protection operations and secure transport. 

I need a Bahamas Security company, how do I get started?

USPA International will to take your call directly at +1 (800) 201-0130, or you can leave your contact information and a USPA representative will contact you within minutes. If you prefer to communicate through email, send your questions directly to Nick is a trained, experienced security consultant and our director of client relations.  He will be able to help you with any information that pertains to providing a professional bodyguard service in the Bahamas.

We can have your project up and running within 60 minutes of your first consultation with Nick. 

1 (800) 214-1448 | International Bodyguard/Security Company

USPA International Security is a privately owned Security Company Specializing in the following:

  • Bodyguards (close protection Bahamas)
  • Armed Security Officers Bahamas
  • NannyGuards™ (child protection specialists)
  • Security for Travel & Vacation 
  • Disaster Response Security Services
Security Guards Nassau Bahamas and Bimini
USPA International Security of the Bahamas Management Team:

Vernard Bain
Vernard Bain is a former graduate of Aquinas College and holds certifications in many different disciplines from Child/Human Psychology to exotic (wild) animal handling.  Mr. Bain has past experience working in and around the security field from 2008 to present both nationally and internationally extending even as far as the United Arab Emirates. He is a qualified Executive Protection Specialist and one of the top graduates of the International Academy of Executive Protection Agents, for which he presently serves as the regional director for training and certification within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  Being an experienced Agent he has prior work experience in armed escort, armoured truck procedures and asset protection. Mr Bain is also trained in Mixed Martial Arts possessing the knowledge of advanced hand to hand combat, pressure point and joint lock techniques with various weapons disarm techniques being added to his repertoire. He is certified in tactical applications of Firearms in urban environments. A perfectionist at heart and warrior in mind-set, he can be found on the firing range practicing in his spare time, either developing new strategies for active shooter engagements or just polishing up on techniques already learned. He is actively involved in anything surrounding the shooting sports or the use of Firearms. A young ambitious, innovative and intellectual individual is the best way to describe Mr. Bain. He strongly believes that only through great sacrifice and perseverance can greatness be achieved. 

Christophe Pinder
Christophe Pinder is a former graduate of Aquinas College. Shortly thereafter enlisting in the United States Air Force where he served from 2005-2009, As a Security Forces Member, which entailed policing and Security of the Air Force. He has countless hours of training, in hand to hand combat, convoy security, building clearing, various crew serve weapons, shooting techniques, self-aid buddy care, CPR, Land navigation, static security, roving security, and Active shooter response. Successfully completing more than two tours in Iraq, Afghanistan; Operation Enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom as well as time spent in the United Arab Emirates. An expert marksman and combat veteran Mr. Pinder also attended the US Air Force Law enforcement academy and the Gulf States region ground combat training school. In 2011 Mr. Pinder then returned to the U.S and took up a position as a federal Police officer (Dept of Defense) in Texas. In this position he got first-hand experience in policing outside of a non-permissive environment, making both arrest and bringing criminals to justice. In 2013 Mr Pinder made the conscious decision to return home and to bring with him his set of skills and experience learnt abroad so that our country may benefit from what he has learned and has to offer. 

Security Guard Services Operating in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas on the following Islands:

Abaco Island Security Guards, Acklins Island Security Services, Ambergris Cay, Andros Island, Anna Cay, Arawak Cay, Athol Island, Beacon Cay, Berry Islands, Big Major Cay, Bimini Islands, Castaway Cay Security, Cat Island, Fortune Island, Grand Bahama, Harbour Island, Little Grand Cay, Nassau Bahamas Security and Bodyguard Companies, New Providence Security Guards.
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We offer discounted rates for female and child victims of violence, Anti-Kidnapping and Kidnapping Recovery. We can usually be on-site with a local trained, experienced and professional bodyguard in 14 countries within 60 minutes. 
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