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USPA International is a full service, licensed, bonded and insured security firm offering solutions to both governmental and private clientele. We specialize in high risk, innovative close protection projects; 

Our core services include:

Bodyguards (close protection operators)
Armed Security Officers
Anti-Kidnapping/Kidnap Recovery
NannyGuards™ (child protection specialists)
Security for High Risk Terminations
Disaster Response Security Services
Governmental Security Administration
International Network of Certified Security Contractors
Secure Transport. Armored VIP Security Vehicles. VIP Aircraft

Company Information

Services: PSD Operator Services
Contractor: USPA International, Inc.
Telephone: +1 631.259.6111
Fax: +1 888.513.2236
Primary Contact: Michael Evans
F.I.N: 46-2496337

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USPA International Security is a privately owned Security Company Specializing in the following:

  • Bodyguards (close protection operators)
  • Armed Security Officers
  • NannyGuards™ (child protection specialists)
  • Security for High Risk Terminations
  • Disaster Response Security Services
  • Anti Kidnapping/Kidnap Recovery

We offer discounted rates for female and child victims of violence, Anti-Kidnapping and Kidnapping Recovery. We can usually be on-site with a local trained, experienced and professional bodyguard in 14 countries within 60 minutes. 
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