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USPA International Security is a privately owned Security Company Specializing in the following:

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High Risk Terminations

USPA International has extensive experience dealing with High Risk Terminations. We will provide armed security officers during the termination, to make sure the employee leaves the premises without incident. Utilizing armed security officers during High Risk Terminations will minimize your exposure to acts of violence and theft. 

Workplace Violence

The threat of violence is very real in this day in age.  Workplace violence mostly occurs when an employee is being terminated. Terminations are life-impacting. High Risk Terminations occur when emotions come into play. Some people tend to feel like their world is crumbling. They also tend to feel a sense of betrayal when they are facing termination. Some employees will lash out in anger and violence while others will commit theft and vandalism. 

USPA International (888) 399-3809. Security Guard Company specializing in high risk terminations. Providing Armed Security Guards to safeguard your business during high risk terminations

Armed security officers
Security guards
Employee terminations
Armed security guards
High risk terminations
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We offer discounted rates for female and child victims of violence. We can usually be on-site with a local trained, experienced and professional bodyguard in 14 countries within 60 minutes. 
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