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USPA International will to take your call directly at +1 (800) 214-1448, or you can leave your contact information and a USPA representative will contact you within minutes. If you prefer to communicate through email, send your questions directly to our contact page.  He will be able to help you with any information that pertains to providing a professional bodyguard service.

Global Bodyguard Coverage

USPA International (formerly USPA Nationwide Security), provides local experienced close protection operators, internationally. 

We are capable of providing bodyguards internationally in a moment’s notice. Our global USPA Certified Contractor Program™, now with more than 2,700 contractors, can handle close protection details, armed officers and secure transport worldwide. Every USPA Certified Contractor, located outside of the United States, follows all the same standard operating procedures implemented by USPA International. Each close protection operator is selected based upon his/her training, stature and experience. We screen our operators the same way we screen our internal employees.
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USPA International Bodyguard Company
1 (800) 214-1448. International Bodyguard Company. Professional bodyguards, armed security guards, close protection operations, secure transport and child protection specialists. 
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We offer discounted rates for female and child victims of violence, Anti-Kidnapping and Kidnapping Recovery. We can usually be on-site with a local trained, experienced and professional bodyguard in 14 countries within 60 minutes. 
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USPA International Bodyguard Company  

Looking for a bodyguard company in your area? USPA employs over 2,700 localized close protection operators through our Certified Contractor Program™.  Each bodyguard in this program is at the ready, waiting to be deployed. Our bodyguard service specializes in anti-kidnapping, disaster relief, close protection operations and secure transport. 

USPA Bodyguards are most commonly used by: 

Dignitaries (close protection, secure transport services)
Corporate Clientele (high risk terminations, close protection, secure transport)
Disaster Relief (high risk zones, disaster recovery, energy plants, government facilities)
Private Clients (stalking victims, anti-kidnapping, kidnap recovery, threats, close protection services)
Families (NannyGuards™, child protection specialists, secure transportation, residential security) 

USPA International Security is a privately owned Security Company Specializing in the following:

  • Bodyguards (close protection operators)
  • Armed Security Officers
  • NannyGuards™ (child protection specialists)
  • Security for High Risk Terminations
  • Disaster Response Security Services
  • Anti Kidnapping/Kidnap Recovery